About us - Our philosophy

Very often, people find it hard to ask for help. They tend to magnify or overemphasise their difficulties while in the meantime they remain helpless. In reality, a short and efficient intervention could suffice to get all of us through life just fine.

At Aerton - Psychological Services, we believe in the importance of human encounter rather than in an unequal patient - specialist relationship.

For us, Psychological services should be a useful and easily accessible provision of care for everyone rather than a sophisticated scientific intervention only available for a small amount of people.

At Aerton, we provide integrated care, where human relationship is our exclusive therapeutic tool.

“…so that I begin to take off,
I lift up high, I fly like a bird, wherever I wish,
In fact: “I swim into the air”

                                         Odysseas Elytis


Ομάδα διακοπής καπνίσματος
ψυχαναλυτική προσέγγιση


Σας ενημερώνουμε ότι ξεκινάει στην άερτον - ψυχολογικές υπηρεσίες ολιγομελής ομάδα διακοπής καπνίσματος.


Μέθοδος: Ψυχαναλυτική προσέγγιση της εξαρτητικής λειτουργίας του καπνίσματος

Συντονιστής: Σταύρος Κεβόπουλος


The science of psychology comes a long way and its nascence coincides with the evolution of philosophy. Thousands of years ago, philosophers operated as a part of society and it was quite common for them to ask questions while people looked for the answers in the Agora.

Aerton - Psychological Services was created in order to pose questions and search for the answers side by side with the people that contact us, as part of the therapeutic relationship.

What generates anxiety in people?

When do people resort to panic attacks?

How do we deal with loneliness?

As Andre Breton has said: “Whatever the question, man is the answer”.

The people

Through a perpetual dialectical process with society; we plan and realize therapeutic activities for individuals, groups and professionals.

We seek to collaborate with the most reliable mental health practitioners, based on their professional competence and with trust on genuine human contact.

Our outmost concern is the furtherance of mental health and not merely the treatment of any given psychopathology. In other words, apart from offering treatment for the severe psychological problems of our times, such as depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, etc., we believe that it is equally important to invest in personal development, lifelong education, training, and in an integrated self-care system, overall.

To conclude

The scientific associates at Aerton – Psychological Services come from diverse psychotherapeutic backgrounds (psychoanalytic, systemic, cognitive, psychodrama), nonetheless, they all agree on a shared orientation, which is integrated care for everyone.

Welcome to Aerton!